Deven Kane

Author, Speculative Fiction (Thriller/SF)

In the not-too-distant future . . .

Society is divided against itself: the have’s and the have-nots are entrenched in generations of bitter suspicion and conflict. With the construction of the heavily-fortified Enclaves, the walls between the two groups have never been more real.

The planet’s resources are controlled by the greedy and paranoid elite class, while the lower classes exist only to serve their demands.

Humanity is splintered apart by greed, betrayal, and those craving for absolute power.

Add to this toxic mix the sudden appearance of the ultimate stealth weapon: the ruthless and fanatical Trackers.

There’s a good reason why some people call them “the soul-less” . . .

tracker_websiteTracker: Book One

The Hoarders seized control of the Earth’s resources a generation ago, retreated into their heavily guarded Enclaves, and left the rest of the population to fend for itself.

Until recently, when the Hoarders began to randomly implant people with a new kind of micro-technology, capable of converting their unsuspecting hosts into violent and deadly automatons.

They also created the Trackers, chemically and mechanically enhanced creatures fanatically devoted to hunting down and killing anyone unlucky enough to have an Implant.

Now, a small band of Runners must unravel the mystery, racing against time before the Trackers discover them. And before their own Implants change them into . . . something else.

Fear the Harvest

Coming Fall 2019

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