Deven Kane

Author, Speculative Fiction (Thriller/SF)

KanetoonAbout the Author

Deven Kane writes speculative fiction novels. You’d like ’em.

Deven’s been honing his writing chops ever since junior high school. He’d barely started eighth grade when he submitted his first science fiction novella to a publishing house.

As he soon discovered, few thirteen-year-olds become published authors, but the editor encouraged Deven to keep writing.

“That was good advice,” Deven says now. “For me, it’s almost impossible not to write. I love everything about the creative process. From writing the early drafts, to editing and revisions, and eventually layout and artwork—every step is a fascinating segment of the greater whole.”

Deven enjoys reading across many genres (“good story-telling and believable characters transcend genre”), but finds his writing groove in the science fiction / supernatural thriller end of the writing pool.

“Speculative fiction allows me to explore human nature, interpersonal conflicts, the desire to rise above our circumstances, and the obstacles which hold us back,” he says. “No matter the setting—Earth’s near future, the past, or an alien culture on another planet—the most compelling stories are always about our interactions with each other. The good, the bad, the ugly, and our need to transcend.”

He pauses, looking out the window, before adding with a wry grin, “I’m not suggesting other genre authors aren’t pursuing the same writing goals. It’s just that, in my case, speculative fiction is way more fun.”

Almost as much fun—one might suspect—as writing his own website bio in the third person.

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